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Has a water tank that is break resistant? You can easily clean and refill it with water due to its wide tank opening at the top. When you set it, it can run for as long as 18 hours with no go slow You can set it noise level and moisture out by using its 2-speed settings. It has a translucent tank which helps to easily monitor the water level. It has 2 output settings to regulate noise and moisture output. Water impurities are captured by the antimicrobial treated filter. It can hold up to 0.8 gallons of water, and it runs for 12 hours per filling. it is most suitable only for small rooms, and it provides invisible moisture.


When set, it can operate for a long time. It has the highest performance rate compared to other humidifiers. It is not costly, more so when you consider its amazing features and high performance. 2. Honeywell HEVBZOB HCM-890B Humidifier. It is easy to clean because of a large opening at the top. it can serve for more than long duration of time continuously. It can service a large area and doesn't produce any noise when in use. its super silent and high performer.

It has very low level of noise and the moisture that it produces is invisible. You don't waste any moisture when you are in a small room because it is only designed for small rooms. It is also affordable. You can be sure that it will service you for 12 hours. It uses Honeywell filters which are easy to in the market. it has filters that are already treated.

It can't be used in a large room it's meant to only supply moisture in the small rooms. It also has a very small tank capacity; you will need to frequently refill it. Benefits of Honeywell HCM-890B Humidifiers



These types of equipment have a lot of benefits to the user. When one has an itchy or dry throat, the humidifier produces some moisture that regulates the humidity hence relieving the person from the discomfort.


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Product Information

·         Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 9.2 x 11.5 inches

·         Item Weight: 6.1 pounds

·         Shipping Weight: 5.8 pounds

·         Manufacturer: Honeywell

·         ASIN: B003D95U0A

·         Item model number: HCM-890B

·         Customer Reviews: 3.6 out of 5 stars


Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Is this a cool humidifier

Answer: Yes, just a fan blowing on the filter which is absorbing water.

 Question: How many gallons of water does it hold?

 Answer: About 3/4 of a gallon




Most of these types of equipment have tanks that you can refill after a long period of time, the one with the shortest duration going for roughly 12 hours. They use UV technology that kills up to 99.9% of mold, bacteria, fungus, viruses that may be present in the untreated water; these provide moisture that is free of germs. They adjust the moisture output according to the temperature of the room.


Have only 2-speed settings which limit the speed of moisture output. You will be required to change the filter. 3. Honeywell HCM-890B Humidifier, HCM 8908

Honeywell HCM-890B humidifiers that are readily available in the market. The features, pros, and cons of these types equipment are totally different from one another and so is the performance. Our devices will give you the much needed satisfaction.


Here are the point form:


Performs up to 99.9% germ free humidification operation. Noise-free. l Quieter operation compared to other evaporation humidifiers. Produces invisible and soothing moisture efficient in relieving dry room air discomforts Break-resistant, durable water tank with wide opening hence easy to refill and clean. Parts are dish washer safe The filter is anti-microbial treated Has a self-Regulating evaporation system. Designed to run for up to 24 hours per tank filling Can humidify medium sized room spaces Has a 3 years’ warranty. Follow the instructions on the user manual or Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier packaging