How to control the Humidity in Your Home


 I'm just want to talk to you today a little bit about humidity.  Humidity can be very beneficial in home but it can also be very detrimental, anything from washing clothes having a shower cooking or even conversation and add humidity into the air and too much humidity, can cause some problems especially in the wintertime. The warmer the air is the more moisture can involve the higher the humidity can hold as, it gets colder outside your windows will continue to get older and the air right beside them will be able to hold less community and therefore you might have some water. If this happens here are a few steps that I can give you in order to help prevent damage to your hardwood floors to your casings around the window and your baseboards.

Here is some tips How to control the Humidity in Your Home?

First off you can remember to leave your blinds open this will allow more air movement up against the window it can help alleviate stagnation by the window who probably prevent some moisture from community if this isn't enough next come over to your Humidifier.


Now on your humidistat you just need to turn humidity down, and remember the colder it is outside the more you let you want to turn your committee staff down from there. The next step will be to turn on your furnace man. Turning your furnace band on from auto to on allows constant circulation of the air around your house and up against the windows this constant circulation can help prevent moisture from accumulating on the windows. If that's still not enough then you can come over to your ventilation again. Simply turn on the ventilation fan and the ventilation fan will take humid air from inside the house and exhausted to the outside and draw in drier air from outside and circulate that around the home.


Now this drier air as it's warmed up will be able to hold more moisture and it'll draw moisture off of the windows pay attention to your windows once the moisture is gone from off the windows remember to turn your ventilation panel. Following these few tips will help to ensure that you have a warm and Comfortable USA.


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